The USA cannot afford truth to be available and the Russian reporters will tell the truth and nothing but the truth…

⚡️ Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s comment on the non-issuance of US visas to Russian journalists to visit the UN headquarters during the Russian Federation’s chairmanship at the UN Security Council

💬 Dear friends, of course, I was aware how well our American colleagues are known for such things but I was certain that this time it would be different, considering the focus placed on their ugly behaviour. I was mistaken.

The country that calls itself the strongest, the smartest, the freest and the most just, has chickened out, did an unwise, stupid thing, that I am convinced of, by showing what its asseverations about protecting freedom of speech and access to information are really worth.

We will also have to work for you, show more energy, and put more effort into bringing the truth to the world community and the public.

Please try to keep track of what we are going to do there and spread this truth through your channels. I am convinced that it will draw much more interest all over the world than the “filtered” information that our Western colleagues bring down on the heads of their viewers, listeners, and readers.

⚡️ Most importantly, be sure that we will not forget or forgive.