The Western media lies about Libyan riots just like it did about the Georgian war in 2008…

The Russian tabloid newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda published an article entitled “The Western media lies about Libyan riots just like it did about the Georgian war in 2008.” The author wonders why no evidence – not even a single photo or mobile phone video – showing mass casualties and bombings has been presented so far. “Neither Gaddafi’s planes, nor his helicopters have appeared on photographs – as if a magic spell was cast on them,” the article reads…

Eyewitnesses say media whipping up Libyan uproar:

Looks like Russia has a little different thought process than America on this situation. I know that China is thinking along the lines that Russia is and China has been calling for negotiations just like Russia has been…


It just reminds me of the Georgian war times. I remember that Americans then were totally absorbed into the Western press. They could not see the trees for the forest…

Try this on for size:

Information war against Libya.

Windows to Russia

Гумер Исаев – Gumer Isaev

Ph.D. in History
Chief Editor

After reading the first few days of Libyan unrest on one popular news portal of the bombing of Tripoli, I was contacted on Skype with her boyfriend, more than a year working in Libya. I was surprised that Skype, and consequently, the Internet, work. The logic is simple – once it came to the “bombing” of the capital, it is hardly worth the wait of the Internet and telephone. But as it became clear from our conversation, no air raids on Tripoli was not ….

“Flew a couple of helicopters during the day …” – that’s all the bombing.  Interestingly, the first information about the air strikes has published the main Arabic television channel Al-Jazeera.  No conclusive video evidence – just distorted noise telephony voice eyewitnesses that the bloodthirsty regime of dispersing demonstrators with aviation.

But the picture bombers destroy the protesters formed in the overall image of the demonic Gaddafi regime created the media a few decades ago. My attempts by some media outlets to explain the situation (and to me addressed some of the channel and newspapers) have not been successful. Interviews took, but most important of what I said, for some reason the air leading federal channels are not passed. Trust al-Jazeera and Western media was stronger.

Talk about how many lies and misinformation were poured on the heads of unsuspecting listeners and readers can be endless. Events in Libya showed how monstrous lies, and can be as easy in an age of information technologies to manipulate people’s minds. Those who sought the truth on the “people”, and supposedly more truthful resources such as Twitter or YouTube, and stumbled on carefully collected and shared in a network of information. This does not mean that the video footage from protesters or captured equipment were staged and starred in Hollywood.  Modern information warfare subtleties suggest only a shift in emphasis, which sometimes can dramatically change the perception of events.  A well-chosen shots and tie-in visuals work wonders misinformation.  Sometimes it is enough in the right format to comment on the video – and “disbelief”, the viewer has no doubt that he would say – the truth. One of the best examples of this propaganda I’ve seen in September 2001 – when the TV show who celebrate terrorist attacks in the U.S. Palestinians – dancing and playing. Who then will they sympathize with the next Israeli-Palestinian conflict? But then it turned out that the reason for the joy of these people was quite different – and from all of this was several years before September 11, 2001 A brilliant advocacy work with minimal costs.

The lie can be assembled from pieces of the truth, you have correctly located. As with the same “bombing” of Libyan cities. Someone heard the roar of engines – the aircraft actually bombed military warehouses on the outskirts, so they were not completely looted. There were planes, bombs have been – somewhere in there the demonstrators. And with the filing of the media jets bombed residential areas and peaceful demonstrators. Very soon, this information is repeated even in the halls of the UN.

Here, according to Al-Jazeera, al-Qadhafi runs to Venezuela. Classic propaganda struggle to demoralize the supporters of al-Gaddafi – “your leader escaped, resistance is futile.” But pretty soon nobody will remember about this “Desaix. The leader in Tripoli, speaking at the Green Square in front of supporters. Tripoli airport, according to media reports, or captured by the protesters, or simply bombed. But our experts will leave Tripoli, it was through this airport, which is safe and sound and controlled by authorities. But at it again no one pays attention. The specialists of information sabotage in major media outlets are many techniques in the arsenal. The heirs of Goebbels increase your knowledge and hone them in numerous local conflicts and political developments around the world.  “Gaddafi’s son joined the rebels,” Gaddafi is ready to use chemical weapons “- one of the news is better than another.  And here’s the key phrase – “Gaddafi promises to blow up oil pipelines,” Is not it time the world community to take action and save the Libyan oil?

Apparently, Libya, Iraq will repeat option – through the intervention of the compassionate “demonstrators” from the West. After all, the main wealth – Libyan oil, 9 / 10 which consumes Europe should not become hostage to the Civil War. Bored out of work by NATO troops gladly “help” secure the Libyan resources. Maybe that’s enough, and air support – and most of the work will fulfill the Libyan rebel tribes, who have already pledged money and weapons.

The main thing – to convince the world community of the need for such action. Just for this, and blown hysteria in the media about the ongoing events in Libya. Information art training in a military invasion. Voices of the hawks in the U.S. has openly called for the use of force, while American carriers are taking a course to the shores of Libya.

Understand why and what its viewers are preparing the Western media. But why repeat the misinformation Russian media? Indeed, until quite recently, in August 2008, Russia has taken part in an information war against the background of the events in Georgia. How many complaints have been on the “biased” and “false” Western media!

Why is now the western media believe as ourselves? First, many journalists actually prefer the “pull off” the news, buy a picture or video and do not attempt to analyze the situation. Most of the media in general do not engage in intelligence – they give information to flavor its general commentary (also somewhere staschennymi). Somewhere there is a low professionalism (when Libya confused with Lebanon), somewhere in the first place serves sensationalism. There is a war? Plenty of blood and circuses! This will entertain the reader or viewer – and that means you need to give him the events in the format of an action. Sitting in an armchair, watching the news about disasters, crises, wars, man in the street gets a sharp emotions. Than action-reporting, the more fun the audience – the higher the rating, or circulation.

But in my opinion, there is another reason for such a reaction media – it is obvious that there is a setting for the coverage of events in a certain way. Russia is trying to restart the relationship with the U.S., in recent years are under the sign of improving relations with the West. In fact, there is a new round of Westernization of the country, which has traditionally been the initiator of the Russian government. The police changed the police, the president – the main user of Twitter and iPhone, Russian politicians raise the issue of the imminent WTO membership and the abolition of visa regime with Europe. Russia has recently received such gifts, such as the Olympic Games in Sochi and the FIFA World Cup. That is – the really important things for the country. A loss of several billion dollars in the case of the overthrow of the Gaddafi – trivia. Russia will get a lot more while remaining a reliable partner and friend of the West, selling his oil and gas.

Not so long ago, Foreign Minister Lavrov said in London that Russia no longer has ambitions of a superpower. Few paid attention to this post – but in vain. After all, this is the answer to most questions with regard to the position of the Russian Federation and the Russian press about the events in Libya. <end>

(What a web we weave to deceive. Why do we have to deceive? We sit in our homes and say, “Oh it is OK because Qaddafi needs to be removed. He is a crazy dictator. So it is a good thing.” So – Why do we deceive? The deception by the West makes Qaddafi look better, not worse.)

I am just pointing it out…