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When a Patriotic American becomes an Expatriate you Know it’s Time to Escape From America…

Susan Beverley: I am sorry to start off with this question, but there is a small part of our audience that will want to know this: Do you hate America?

Dave vonKleist: Maybe that part of the audience is not so small, because that question is raised frequently. I fought for many years and tried to contribute to the effort to bring the USA to what it once was and to bring attention to the problems our government and country was experiencing. This resulted in small minded individuals coming to the conclusion that I must somehow hated my country, when in fact it is my love for my country that motivated me to draw attention to its weakness in the hopes that we could correct the direction it was taking. For many of us who became vocal activists, we had to endure the same negative assumptions that we endure now as expats. If those who had been active participants in the rumor mongering and ridicule game had directed their efforts in to effecting the real change, it is likely people such as myself would not have felt the need to become expats. If someone truly loves their country, then it is their duty to do all they can to correct problems as they develop, rather than condemn those with the courage to do so. Sadly, the majority of the American “sheeple” fail to understand this essential philosophy, which is why things have gotten so bad and folks like myself are pegged as “hating their country”. Those who parrot and subscribe to the phrase, “America, love it or leave it” are a major reason why things have gotten so bad.

To answer your question, I do not hate America – I hate what America has become. The corruption and the deprivation of our civil rights have destroyed my personal American dream.

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