This is going to put a whole new twist on boar and deer hunting in Russia

By | January 30, 2020

Until recently, you could only get a permit and hunt game with rifles and or shotguns, it was against the law to hunt any animals with bows and crossbows; but….now Russians have the ability to get a hunting license and a possession permit to shoot wild game with arrows from a longbow or a crossbow…

Bow hunting is now officially allowed in Russia after a new hunting law came into force on this last Wednesday. (29-01-2020)

The law originally signed by President Putin in August 2019, has been finally put in place and introduces the bow and crossbow as separate types of civilian hunting weapons. Previously, they could only be used during sports events, and it was illegal to hunt animals using any form of archery…

This is going to put a whole new twist on wild boar and deer hunting in Russia…


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