This Morning in Russia I had Chicory instead of Coffee…

In fact I have been starting to drink more chicory than coffee. (A lot more.) In Kiev, Ukraine I fell off the band wagon and drank coffee, but here in Russia it is easier to keep on a pattern. So I decided it was bothering me that I am saying that I am drinking coffee and in reality I am drinking chicory much more often than not. Switching to chicory was for health reasons as chicory is actually good for diabetics such as me…

Sveta says who cares if you drink chicory or coffee? But after I thought about it for a few days. I guess I care! It is time that I remove the coffee and replace with chicory. Though it just does not sound as appropriate to say, “The World of Russia and a Cup of Chicory…”

Or maybe in Russia that really does make more sense… 🙂

So it looks like I need to do some thinking’s over a cup of chicory…

Kyle Keeton
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