Thought from China: Syria and the West on the ground…

paulWithout any doubt there may be western planted armed forces walking the ground in Syria and this explains now in part the huge amount of hysteria behind the UNSC resolution that was vetoed by Russia and China. Basically because of those vetoes, promises fell through to have air cover by a certain time frame. Those armed forces are left stranded without any safe havens to work from, so the job now for the western planted armed forces has become very much more difficult and to the point of dangerous. Basically as per the actions of the last few days by the West, Syria now has a full on western backed insurgency. The interesting thing is that whilst the US thinks it is OK to drone kill civilians at their wimp and whim, as they deal with insurgents as they see fit, with no tolerance of questions pertaining to why they do what they do. They think Syria needs to somehow lay down their arms and cut their own throats when dealing with insurgents themselves – nevertheless then again, nothing unique about the Western viewpoint there, it is obvious to the main part of the world, that the hallmark of the western world – is pure hypocrisy!

Paul Wen from China!

The views of the above author are not strictly the views of Windows to Russia. They are an independent view from an outside source and country that brings a better light on the would in general and Windows to Russia is pleased to have Paul Wen’s thoughts on its pages today…

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