Time for Super Checkup…

I have been having issues and after saving up money to get some checkup done. It is time….it will cost around 50,000 rubles for all the work you see below. That is at today’s rate $752 and that hurts like hornet sting. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet and or in this case, get poked and prodded by mean Russian women… 😉

Comprehensive survey (check-up) for men expanded, maximum risks

Stage 1. Laboratory research:

1 Complete blood count
2 Biochemical blood test
3 Lipid profile (high and low density cholesterol)
4 Glycated hemoglobin
5 Coagulogram + D-dimer
6 TSH thyroid stimulating hormone
7 T4 free – thyroxine free thyroid
8 Testosterone
9 PSA common – tumor marker of the prostate gland
10 PSA free – tumor marker of the prostate gland
11 Complex HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C
12 General urine analysis

Stage 2 Diagnostic examination:

13 MRI of the pelvic organs
14 echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart)
15 ECG with transcript
16 abdominal ultrasound
17 thyroid ultrasound
18 ultrasound of the urinary system
19 Gastroscopy under sedation (in medication sleep)
20 Colonoscopy under sedation (in medication sleep)

Can I have the iPhone instead of being picked on?

Stage 3 Specialist advice:

21 Consultation cardiologist
22 Consultation urologist
23 If necessary, consultations of a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, and neurologist are also included.
24 Consultation therapist

I am not looking forward to all this, but as I have said, the healthcare here in Russia is fantastic and the price is something that many readers from America could only dream about…

Heaven forbid! A damn iPhone costs way more than all this work to be done…


A survivor of six heart attacks and a brain tumor, a grumpy bear of a man, whom has declared Russia as his new and wonderful home. His wife is a true Russian Sweet Pea of a girl and she puts up with this bear of a guy and keeps him in line. Thank God for my Sweet Pea and Russia.