Time to realize that the USA is also trying to start a war against China through Taiwan…

China’s Defense Ministry opposes increased US military ties with Taiwan

BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhua) — Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei on Thursday criticized the United States for stepping up military ties with Taiwan.

He made the statement while commenting on the provisions of the US National Defense Authority Act of 2024 regarding Taiwan, as well as an agreement that was recently reached between the US and Taiwan on the supply of US anti-aircraft missile systems to the area.

These outrageous actions seriously undermine China’s national sovereignty and security, and threaten peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait area, Tan said, adding that China is seriously concerned about these actions and strongly opposes them.

He said the People’s Liberation Army of China pays close attention to the development of the situation in the Taiwan Strait and intends to continue to take decisive and effective measures to protect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

US and NATO are biggest risk to international peace and security: Chinese Defense Ministry

BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhua) — The United States and NATO are the biggest source of risk and instability to international peace and security. This was announced on Thursday by the official representative of the Chinese Ministry of Defense Tan Kefei.

He made such a statement in response to a request from journalists to comment on the communique of the NATO summit held recently in Vilnius.

Tan Kefei noted that NATO, as a military bloc, is known to have the world’s largest nuclear arsenal and adheres to a policy of first use of nuclear weapons.

In recent years, the United States has continued to promote nuclear sharing under the guise of so-called “security threats.” The US has reportedly deployed more than 100 nuclear weapons in a number of European countries, significantly increasing the risk of global nuclear proliferation and nuclear conflict.

China firmly pursues a strategy of self-defense in the nuclear field and has consistently adhered to a policy of no first use of nuclear weapons, the spokesman said.

“We urge NATO to take practical steps to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in national and collective security policy and effectively maintain global strategic stability,” Tan said.