Tiny Russian Village Photos (09/16/2016)

By | September 16, 2016

Took some images yesterday and today. It is cloudy and as I have talked about in the past, “Do not come to Russia and expect sunshine all the time!” In fact sunshine is lacking most of the time…

I said I would try to get an image of the little red tree. This tree in the field is my indicator that autumn is here. It reacts first with it;s beautiful colors and sits in a field all by itself. It sits in an old cow pasture and just glows with all its beauty in the fall…

They finally got the dam cut and I decided to take a new image of the Tiny Russian Village showing our nice clean road. Boza is in the image and you can see him listening to the fish. The fish are splashing and roiling in the water. They are saying, “It is food time!”

+2 two this morning and I need to get out to feed the Birdbrains. Boza ate a big meal, after we walked for over an hour in the dark. I have discovered that we can walk in the dark still, as long as I use a good flashlight and keep the light right in front of Boza. This helps his vision that comes and goes. Last night I took him out and did not take the light. I had moved the Volga and he ran into it. I felt really bad and I will not do that again. Can’t take things for granted when we get old…

It is raining and will rain all day. The auto market comes today, but I have to count out coins for today’s trip to get food. I will tap the rainy day funding, in my desk drawer. I need to get cottage cheese, cutlets and cookies! 😉

Boza just came to me and his eyes are bothering him. It is as if he looks at me and says, “Daddy, can you help me?”

Him and I will walk again, after I feed the Birdbrains

Have a nice day…


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