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🇷🇺 The city of Soledar, that is of great importance for continuing successful offensive operations in Donetsk direction, was liberated.

◽️ A combined-arms grouping of Russian troops (forces) carried out the offensive operations in this tactical direction that resulted in the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the seizure of Soledar in accordance with a single concept and plan that stipulated blocking the town from the north and south, isolating the area of operations, preventing the enemy from moving reserves into the town from neighbouring areas, and preventing the withdrawal of the AFU units from Soledar, as well as fire support of the offensive by ground-attack aircraft and artillery.

◽️ As for the assault on the urban areas of Soledar occupied by the AFU, this combat mission was successfully accomplished by the courageous and selfless actions of the volunteer assault units of the Wagner private military company.

💥 Over the past three days, more than 700 Ukrainian personnel, and over 300 pieces of AFU armament have been eliminated.

✈️ As the town being liberated, Fighter Aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces had destroyed 3 airplanes and 1 helicopter of Ukrainian Air Force that were tasked to provide aerial fire support to Ukrainian forces.

📹 Russian Defence Ministry shows footage of Msta-SM2 artillery crews, Signal Troops from Central MD, and 120mm Sani 2S12 mortar crews.

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