Top News MoD Of Russia September 6, 2022…

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🇷🇺 Commander-in-Chief of Russian Federation Armed Forces Vladimir Putin observes main stage of Vostok 2022 exercise.

⚠️ Kiev regime continues its provocations at Zaporozhye power plant aimed at creating a possible technological disaster.

▫️Due to high losses and discontinued rotation, the personnel of 53rd Mechanised Brigade of the AFU that operated near Zaytsevo (Donetsk People’s Republic) refuses to fulfil combat tasks and abandons its positions in groups.

📹 Russian Defence Ministry publishes footage of Western MD Buk-M3 system crews in combat action within special military operation.

🚛📦 Central MD servicemen provide humanitarian aid to residents of Lisichansk, Lugansk People’s Republic.

🇷🇺 Main stage of Vostok 2022 exercise has finished in Primorye region. Paratroopers from Ivanovo and military transport aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces practice personnel, military equipment and cargo landing. Pacific Fleet’s Gremyashchy corvette practices launching cruise missiles using Kalibr system at mock enemy’s seaborne target located in Sea of Okhotsk. Tornado-G MRLS destroy targets detected by Zoopark-1M counter-battery warfare stations. Coalition force’s special units practice liberating simulated settlement from mock enemy’s forces. Coalition force’s missile and artillery units launch massive fire attack at mock enemy’s critical facilities. Pacific Fleet’s Bastion system crews practice first launch at seaborne target being on uninterrupted duty in Matua Island. Representatives of medical services from foreign contingent attend joint tactical-special training. Tu-95MS crews test EMD air defence system. Air assault units of Airborne Troops practice assaulting settlement captured by mock enemy’s units.

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