Top News Today (May 27, 2022)

☣️ Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation continues to study materials on the implementation of military and biological programmes by the US and its NATO allies on the territory of Ukraine.

⚠️ Numerous cases of inhumane treatment of civilians by the Kiev authorities, as well as the use of civilian infrastructure for military purposes, continue to be documented.

💥 Missile troops and artillery have hit 77 command posts of AFU units, 412 areas of manpower and military equipment concentration, as well as 53 artillery firing positions. As a result of a strike against a pontoon company near Zavgorodnee, Kharkov Region, another attempt to equip a pontoon crossing by the Ukrainian Armed Forces across the Severskyi Donets River has been disrupted.

📹 Footage of Nebo-T radar crews combat duty, de-mining of liberated Kharkov Region settlements and combat operations Malka high-power self-propelled artillery crews have been published.

🏳️ Ukrainian soldier told that his group had decided in advance to surrender when Russian troops attacked.

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