Travel Agency Freaked and Our Turkey Plans…

After a few days of wondering what is up! We discovered that the original travel agency that we booked through, freaked out over the fact that an American was traveling by them. They decided that maybe I was not able to do such a thing! Like travel to Turkey by Russia… 🙂

After they wasted several days and tried to get confirmation that someone of greater power would okay, that this lowly American is able to travel from Moscow to Turkey and no one would die from the transaction, it was too late and the hotel that we were going to was booked full until the end of the month of October… 🙁

I feel sorry for Russians and any people in general that are not able to think out of the box. In Russia this is an all too often occurrence because Sveta and I do things different. I am much different than most Americans in Russia. I cross Russian borders by car (Oh heavens!), I drive a Volga (Heaven forbid, why?) and now I am trying to go to Turkey! (Is that legal? :)) But Sveta and I being who we are. Had plan B all ready in action. Because in Russia you must have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D and a Plan to alter all those plans. Plan B worked…

We have another place that is Britain shy and Russian and German abused. It is called Happy Dreams Beach Hotel. Well we are very happy with the second choice and as I write this we have our money back from the first travel agency and all paper work and tickets for the second (Plan B) vacation package. We literally got the last room for this whole month…

But back to the Freaking out Russians. It is interesting while I travel Russia. I many times am the first American that people have seen in lots of the areas that we travel through. Moscow may have its fair share of Americans and British people but when you are pulled over 1000km from Moscow by the cops. They most likely have never seen an American driving a car and especially a Volga of all cars, to be driving. I can tell the cops that have never seen an American drivers license. They pass it around as a new toy. Then sometimes they ask for my passport. They never are looking for trouble, they just want to see an American passport way out in the boonies of Russia…

So Sveta and I have a new destination. We now have found a much better tour agency called Natalies Tours. They have been wonderful to work with and had no problems with this American. If you read the link to them, you will find that they are one of the best in Russia and guess what they have sent Americans to Turkey… 🙂

We leave the same day and that is still this Sunday on the 2nd of October. Misha Sveta’s son is watching Boza at our place and we have Sveta’s mother as back up in case Misha gets in a bind. ..

Kyle and Sveta
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