Trip To American Embassy in Moscow, Russia!


Today I had business at the American Embassy in Moscow, Russia. I was really looking forward to meeting and talking to a bunch of Americans. I was looking forward to seeing the Marines at the guard post station. (The sign said Marine Guard Post!) I was excited about talking to Americans and seeing some people that maybe had direct news from America…

Oops – I was wrong! (The Americans had disappeared.)

The two guards out front were, Russian. The guard inside the Marine Guard Post was, Russian. The first person that I met to ask directions in the building was – you guessed it – Russian. The young lady who took all my information was, Russian. I sat all alone for a half hour in a special waiting room and everyone (5 people) that came into the room to ask a question to me was, Russian. The young guy who called me into a meeting with someone of importance was – you guessed it – Russian. The person of importance was – A Winner Jackpot – an American!

How do I know for sure? Well I am that sort of guy who asks dumb questions like: Are you Russian or an American? This became a quest to see if I could find a born and raised American. (Other than me)

When I did find such individual he was no more informative than I. He had actually been in Russia a year longer than me (4 years) and said that he only follows sports from home anymore.

I will say though that everyone was very professional and polite. I had no problems and got done what I was there to do.

So after my communication and quest session was over, I packed up my papers and left through the Marine-less Guard Post… 🙂

Windows to Russia!
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PS: I asked about the non Marines at the guard post, when they had a big sign that exclaimed it as such. I was told that they really do have Marines on the compound but they had other things to do…

To give credit due: The guards at the Consulate entrance were American. The Consulate entrance was packed with Russians getting paperwork done and such. The Embassy end was just little ol me… (maybe that is where all the Marines are!)