Trumps new National Security Advisor…

Just when you though the USA cannot stoop any lower! Looks like we are wanting to be number one in death also…

Better read books and have a nice cup of coffee and forget war!

President Donald Trump has gone plum nuts (Or he definitely is not in charge of anything!). He wants one of the biggest and most dangerous warmongers to take the National Security Advisor spot. The mentor to Bolton. We removed the frying pan called Bolton and now will sit directly in the fire. I guess it makes sense if you hate the world like Charles Kupperman does…

Kupperman, appointed to his new post on Tuesday after Trump fired his John Bolton from the job, argued it was possible to win a nuclear war “in the classical sense,” and that the notion of total destruction stemming from such a superpower conflict was inaccurate. He said that in a scenario in which 20 million people died in the U.S. as opposed to 150 million, the nation could then emerge as the stronger side and prevail in its objectives.

His argument was that with enough planning and civil defense measures, such as “a certain layer of dirt and some reinforced construction materials,” the effects of a nuclear war could be limited and that U.S. would be able to fairly quickly rebuild itself after an all-out conflict with the then-Soviet Union.

Source: Trump’s Acting National Security Adviser Said Nuclear War With USSR Was Winnable | HuffPost

I am shocked I tell you. I am shocked! ~Sarc~

America is and has been for a long time a Psychopathic Country…. and no one who is called “The President of the USA” is in charge…


PS: Charles Kupperman, Bolton’s Acting Replacement, Is Jewish

Surprise Surprise Surprise…

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