Trying the Russian Connection and Snowden Connection; I just WannaCry!

By | May 14, 2017

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Gotta Blame Someone:

Having to blame the truth behind the latest malware attack is not a convenient thing to do. The root of the issue is the USA and her alphabet agencies…. This makes for a rough and tumble situation that we cannot have get out and spread. So we are tossing the usual suspects out and I suspect that North Korea, China and several other countries will be slid into the limelight as we fish for something that sticks to the Velcro of lies being told…

UPDATE just two days later: I just WannaCry all the time. NK Bad! 😉

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But, from the very beginning Russia has been in almost every headline with this escapade, yet Russia had the worse time with said WannaCry virus. But lets not let something trivial as truth get in the way. Right? I mean Russia did it and if Snowden had been a good boy, none of this would have happened? Right?

I suspect that soon all the experts of the experts will tell us all how this happened and why it happened and then tell us who to blame. I know you WannaCry, but just smile instead…

Sorry Charlie, but we hung ourselves out to dry and it is too humid to dry very fast…

Fact is:

Microsoft is pushing out updates to even older OS systems (example – XP), trying to close off this backdoor that was intentionally left opened for the alphabet criminals, such as NSA. CIA, FBI and on and on and on…

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I just WannaCry… 😉

In the best tradition of Hollywood…. We have a 22 year old who accidentally stopped the virus. Darn this guy is good and I am sure a movie will be made soon!

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I for one, applaud this guy. At 22, I was drinking, partying and killing people in other countries. This person at 22, stopped a global threat. What have I been doing with my life? ~SARC~

WannaCry 2.0 with no ‘kill-switch’ functionality seems to be making the headlines now…????

One anonymous expert said, “Best thing to do is unplug your computer!”

Now that is smarts at its highest level…


Aa collection of hacking tools (EternalBlue) created by the NSA and then subsequently dumped by a hacking group calling itself “The Shadow Brokers” over a month ago. Is the root of this issue. So we knew it would happen… Didn’t we?

Now the cry about WannaCry is patch your computer! Patch it now and patch it fast! Why did you not patch in the first place and dammit patch that system, you lazy asses…

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Anyone asking why this has become so important right now and not when EternalBlue went wild? Something is going on and we will not like the end results…. Well at least I will not like the results, you may not even think about it until your Facebook dies…

We should expect chaos upon chaos to rule until you are so confused that you do not even remember that America is the reason this all started…

I promise I will not forget!


Ta-ra-ra Boomdeay
I promise nothing but happy days…
Ta-ra-ra Boomdeay
Patch your computer and you’re safe to play…

Ta-ra-ra Boomdeay

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