Twitter getting the crackdown by Russia. It is about damn time! (Updated as needed!)

Another Update (March 16, 2021):

Russian officials are poised to announce a ban on the Twitter social media network within weeks, if the platform fails to comply with demands to take down unlawful posts featuring child pornography, calls for suicide and drug use. That’s according to the deputy head of the country’s media regulator, Roskomnadzor. Vadim Subbotin told the Interfax news agency on Tuesday that, if “Twitter does not adequately respond to our requests – if things go on as they have been – then in a month it will be blocked without needing a court order.” At the same time, he urged the California-based internet giant to comply with the orders to take down the specified content in order to avoid a ban.

Source: Russia to BLOCK Twitter within a month if US tech giant continues to evade orders to delete illegal content, media regulator warns — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union


It’s more than a bit disturbing that Twitter considers child porn and calls to suicide “public conversation.” The former is illegal in the US as well, and both are against their own terms of service.

Source: Censorship-happy Twitter suddenly concerned about ‘public conversation’ as Russia cracks down on illegal content — RT Op-ed

Yes, you should close out your social media accounts! Forever…

Twitter having a fit! Why?

Seeing Twitter get face slapped kinda makes you smile!

Hard for me to find any reason to be upset about Russia going after Twitter. Twitter treated me like dirt many times and I consider myself one of the good guys and try to tell some truth in the world. Twitter has been asked for months to remove certain very very bad sites that target children. Most of these sites are western based and western ideologies as acceptable. Russia is correct, these sites are not acceptable…

“If the Twitter Internet service continues to ignore the legal requirements, these [enforcement] measures will continue in line with regulations (even going as far as imposing a block) until suicide incitement aimed at minors, child pornography, as well as information about the use of drugs are removed,” the watchdog said.

Source: Russia hits Twitter with slowdown, vows block unless content pushing suicide, drugs erased – Business & Economy – TASS

I know what should be done!

How about Twitter gets shut down over the whole world and lets toss the shutting down of Facebook in as dessert!

The world would be a better place, that is for sure…


Twitter’s complaints about Russian regulators slowing down its traffic would be a lot more credible if the platform hadn’t been so eager to turn into a partisan echo chamber and place itself above the law in its own homeland.On Wednesday, Russia began throttling Twitter as a way of pressuring the San Francisco-based company to remove over 3,100 posts found to be in violation of Russian law. Specifically, this includes 450 instances of child pornography and more than 2,500 incitements to underage suicide.

Source: Censorship-happy Twitter suddenly concerned about ‘public conversation’ as Russia cracks down on illegal content — RT Op-ed

kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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8 thoughts on “Twitter getting the crackdown by Russia. It is about damn time! (Updated as needed!)

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  2. Arvind R. – They need to do something and I feel the UN should be doing it also! Yes, ultimately it will be a broken down into different parts of the world internet and even down to just an internet within just that country. Can it be done?

  3. UN should work with and take responsibility for handling inter-national IT issues. Otherwise, there will be a shutdown of cross-border internet communcation oneday.

  4. joey_n – I could not say that Russia will ban them. Yet they will be banned if they refuse to comply. Russia has not hidden the fact that Twitter is intentionally undermining and targeting children in Russia. So enough time would be the last few weeks as it has been clear that Twitter has been ignoring the requests for getting Twitter under control for a long time. If I was a Russian and wanted my data, then get it now. Not tomorrow. But I imaging as 99% of the time Russia will give fair warning. If someone wants to ignore the warnings then they lose. It is better than I got from Twitter and or Facebook. I dunno how long to give? With some people? Forever is not enough. With others 1 day!

  5. Let me rephrase my original question: If Twitter and/or Facebook get banned in Russia, how long is enough time for Russian Facebook/Twitter users to archive their posts?

  6. Sorry I’m not being clear, but my question was not so much about a user being banned on Twitter as Twitter getting banned in Russia. Though your answer is informative by itself.

  7. joey_n – I don’t know! They (Twit and Farce) never gave me a chance when Twitter and or Facebook banned me. My suggestion is if the Tweets (Data) are (is) that important? Back them (it) up everyday as you use it! They banned me and never cared….just like Blogger Blogspot did years ago. I have been banned by them all it seems. I know that I use Viber for family and if I want the images sent, I back it all up regularly. I see no way to trust a social media company. Remember, if you send it into the cloud, as we like to say. They own it, not you!

    How long? Well anything more than, “You are banned!” is better than they refuse to communicate with you ever again.

    Like maybe it would be nice, “You are banned, but click here to get your data!” 😉

    Oh Twitter banned me because I said something about McCain the Senator, you see I knew him personally. War time personally. It upset a few Sock Monkeys…

    Truth is not allowed, but lying sicko’s are allowed!

  8. If the ban on Twitter comes into effect, how long do you reckon is a sufficient ‘grace period’ for Russian Twitter users to archive their tweets?

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