UK says, “Follow the King Covid-19 Rules!” or “The Covid Etiquette Guide!”

It is a King Covid-19 World!

It is not a subject totally wrong to me. People (Humans) are really an interesting group and the fact that we even have to print and post such information is enough to cause sarcasm and whatnot’s to explicitly be pronounced about. Yet we as humans, really need to be lead around like children, or else we throw sand in each others eyes at the playground…

This is a PDF link to the information on how to be a good human:


Bless them British hearts! Just when I was running out of Russian Covid signs to look at…

Everywhere there are signs signs everywhere the signs…

The UK comes to my waning desires and gives, gives and gives more Covid-19 love advice…

Catchy phrase? Covidiot!

Sometimes I want to just be safe from all these humans in the Tiny Russian Village!

Besides, nothing worse than some human, coughing, mumbling, sneezing and slobbering as they are pushing their way to the cashier with their mask hanging off one ear only, as they want to pay for the bottle of beer/ale they so desperately need….let me through, I only have one item!



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