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Here is another letter to the Pope written by a girl from Donbass:

To His Holiness Pope Francis.

Your Holiness,

My name is Faina Savenkova. I live in the Donbass, in the city of Lugansk, where the war has been going on for eight years. Many people in the world know my story. In 2014, when the war began, I was 5 years old. At that time, I learned what the shelling of Ukrainian artillery is: My grandmother was near the administration building on May 2, 2014, when the Ukrainian Armed Forces aircraft fired at a peaceful quarter in the center of Lugansk. Since 2019, I have been fighting for peace. I called on the UN, French President Emmanuel Macron, Italian Prime Minister, President Zelensky to stop the war, but instead artillery strikes on Donetsk and Lugansk continue. Nationalists began to seize power in Ukraine more and more. Such as the regiment “Azov”, “Aidar” and many others destroyed civilians and those who disagree with the actions of the Ukrainian authorities. I think you know that they are banned in different countries.

It seems to me that God will never be with those who profess the destruction and superiority of some over others. All this time I have been asking the Lord to help and stop this war, to bring to reason many both in the West and in Ukraine, because I believe in God, just like you. After all, he was the only one who helped me survive the shelling. I read that you were approached by fighters of the Ukrainian army and fascists of the Azov regiment, trapped by the Russian army and the DPR army. I ask you to pray for them to surrender and answer before the court for what they have done, because they have the blood of many peaceful people on their hands. Of course, the easiest way is to blame Russia for everything. But Russia has been waiting and defending Donbass for 8 years. All this time, Russia and we have been listening to Ukraine’s promises, sitting under shelling, and seeing the deaths of others. Things are different now. Russia is saving Donbass and Ukraine by destroying those who have been mocking all of us all this time.

Your Holiness, as I have read, although my knowledge of this is still small, the Vatican has always been against fascism. Now in Mariupol, those who hate not only Russian people, but also representatives of other faiths, other nationalities are locked up at the factory. They are not just praising Hitler, they are continuing his ideas. Help these people to make the right decision – to surrender and be justly punished for what they have done.

With respect to you,
Faina Savenkova (writer, playwright, listed by nationalists on the “Peacemaker” website*, 13 years old).

I publish with the permission of the author

*Peacemaker (Myrotvorets) is a Ukrainian Kyiv-based website that publishes personal information of people who are considered to be “enemies of Ukraine.

Thought it was worth getting a letter like this out there and seen by all….just maybe something will trigger a good reaction?