Ukraine Cries and the U.S. desires that…

I have become forever sent away from any desire to accept what my country is doing. If we open our eyes and even look around one time, seriously, one simple time, a moment, even a second of time will allow anyone with a hint of compassion left in their soul, to see how terrible our country (USA) has become, was, is and strives to be…

Ukraine is nothing but simply a way for America to restart the cold war. You have to understand that it is all about money and your life, soul and feelings are nothing but ways for the rich to get richer. You are a tool in the box of death…

I said years ago that the Cold War was not over and got called every name but a white boy!

I will not say much today about this, because the only thing that I can really say is, “I told you so!”, about twenty times on this website…

My America and her lust for blood (I was in several of them personally,) is listed below and seriously people: Nothing on the list had to be the way we handled it, for most of the bombings are political games by the U.S. and we accept it all with no questions asked, or asked only by a very few…

Date Country Details
2014 –
Iraq and Syria Said to be against ISIS with alleged be-headings as the primary casus belli
2011 –
Somalia Ongoing drone strikes
2011 Libya Early US attacks under UNSC 1973 were followed by NATO attacks leading to regime change and death of Ghadaffi.
2004 –
Yemen Ongoing drone strikes, allegedly targeting terror suspects
2004 –
Pakistan Ongoing drone strikes, allegedly targeting militants
2003 –
Iraq Regime change against Saddam Hussein, an ally who had gone rogue. By all accounts, US Ambassador in Baghdad, April Glaspie, gave Saddam the green light to invade Kuwait in August 1990. She was totally silent on everything until her retirement in 2002 and has not spoken since.
2001 –
Afghanistan Regime change under the guise of trying to catch Osama Bin Laden.
1999 Yugoslavia – Serbia Allegedly to stop an ethnic cleansing that had begun or might begin. Targeted television stations and bombed the Chinese Embassy.
1998 Afghanistan Cruise missiles on Osama Bin Laden’s compounds.
1998 Sudan Cruise missile attack on an antibiotic factory wrongly alleged to be producing WMD.
1998 Iran The US wants regime change in Iran.
1995 Bosnia Serbian forces bombed. Depleted Uranium shells used.
Somalia Known to the West chiefly for “Black Hawk Down”
1991 Kuwait See bombing of Iraq, below. Some of the attack took place within Kuwait, leaving quantities of Depleted Uranium, and causing much subsequent concern about cancers.
1991 Iraq Bombing for 40 days and nights devastated the ancient and modern capital city of one of the most advanced nations in the Middle East. 177 million pounds of bombs fell in the most concentrated aerial onslaught in the history of the world. Genuine multi-national effort and seen by most as a “good war”.
1989 –
Panama December 1989, a large tenement barrio in Panama City wiped out, 15,000 people left homeless. Casualties disputed.
1989 Libya Attempt to kill Ghaddafi, Tripoli bombed.
1987 –
Iran The US wants regime change in Iran.
1979 –
Nicaragua Ronald Reagan’s “freedom fighters.” Sandinistas overthrow Somoza dictatorship in 1978, CIA arms the Contras (ie Somoza’s vicious National Guard and other supporters of the dictator). US was condemned for terrorism by the World Court in 1986. All-out war, aimed at destroying all social and economic programs of the government, burning down schools and medical clinics, raping, torturing, mining harbors, bombing and strafing.
1981 –
El Salvador Officially, the U.S. military presence in El Salvador was limited to an advisory capacity. About 20 Americans were killed or wounded in helicopter and plane crashes while flying reconnaissance or other missions over combat areas, and considerable evidence surfaced of a U.S. role in the ground fighting as well. The war came to an official end in 1992; 75,000 civilian deaths at a cost of six billion dollars. Meaningful social change still largely thwarted by 1999. A handful of the wealthy still owned the country, the poor remained as ever, and dissidents still suffered from death squads.
1986 Libya One of more than 50 attempts to assassinate foreign leaders.
1983 –
Grenada Operation Urgent Fury, termed by the UN General Assembly termed it “a flagrant violation of international law”.
1982 –
Lebanon Shelled villages from warship. Brave we are!
1969 –
Cambodia More bombs than the whole of WW2.
1961 –
Vietnam South Vietnam devastated.
1964 –
Laos The bomb graveyard. More bombs than Cambodia.
1965 Peru Bombing of Peru and assistance to counter-insurgency operations
1965 –
Dominican Republic We like submission.
1964 Guatemala Not enough submission.
1964 Belgian Congo We learned to like killing little countries.
1961 Cuba “Bay of Pigs”, a failed invasion, US-sponsored.
1960 Guatemala Must have submission.
1959 –
Cuba 40 years of terrorist attacks, bombings, full-scale military invasion, sanctions, embargoes, isolation, assassinations.
1958 Indonesia Large scale killings
1954 Guatemala A CIA-organized coup (Operation PBSUCCESS) overthrows the democratically-elected and progressive government of Jacobo Arbenz, initiating 35 or 40 years of death-squads, torture, disappearances, mass executions, and unimaginable cruelty (peaking 1967-69) totaling well over 100,000 victims – one of the most inhuman chapters of the 20th century. Arbenz had nationalized the U.S. firm, United Fruit Company. The Russians had so little interest in the country that it didn’t even maintain diplomatic relations. Bombers based in Nicaragua. 200,000 people are eventually dead in a 36 year long Guatemalan Civil War.
1950 –
China  Mistake for future love and hugs. Payback is hell.
1950 –
Korea At least 20% and perhaps up to 1/3rd of the population killed in order to prevent re-unification.
1945 –
China  Mistake for future love and hugs. Payback is hell.

Now we have started the Cold War all over again. I guess some of us missed those days so much, that we rekindled a terrible era of our lives and now we can all dance in the streets again, or better yet, hide under our school desks as we retrain our kids to deal with Nuclear attacks at home,school and while we play outside…

Have a nice day…

Post by Kyle Keeton
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