Very Important: Ukraine is expending its last abilities, just to kill Civilians in Donbass. Was that not the plan Ukraine had from the beginning?

Let us not inculpate them whom are attempting to stop what has been unleashed within Ukraine…

The new trolling, be they trolls of stupidity and or trying new propaganda? Is to ask innocently, “Why is Russia letting Ukraine keep killing people in Donbass?”

It is called,”Shoot and Move” and that is what the Ukrainians have been told and trained to do by the USA/NATO/EU scum. This is just another form of terrorism, fully supported by the USA and cronies. Was that not the plan from the beginning? To kill all the Russians within Ukraine?

Shoot and move is simple. Set your artillery, mobile is best, fire and run like hell. Hope to live long enough to do it again. It is not accurate and not caring of who it hits. Just fire at a city and hope you kill an innocent…

It is Ukraine forces that are and have been for many years shelling civilians within the Russian speaking Donbass and it is Russia that is doing more than any country, anywhere on Earth to stop them from killing the Russians living within Ukraine…

When you lose the ability to fight fairly, you fight dirty and Ukraine has never fought fairly. If they try, they get their ass handed to them. Like Donbass did to them way back, by itself. Ukraine is a failed state and its failure is being taken out upon innocents…

Therefore, acting innocent of what has happened is wrong. Acting like Russia can stop everything being lobbed, bomb wise, at civilians is wrong. If Russia was not there? The Ukraine army would have killed any and all Russians they could kill within Donbass. That is their goal. Now the goal is to take as many as they can, while the Ukraine gasps its last breath…

Again, ask not, “Why can Russia not stop the terrorist bombing of Donbass civilians?”

Ask yourself, “What can we do to help Russia to stop this innocent loss of life within Donbass?”

The ask yourself, “Why did the USA and cronies give longer range artillery, with limited unguided shells, to Ukraine?”

Answer, “To kill more civilian Russians in Donbass, that is why!”

It is that simple…


Updated with message by Kadyrov on this subject…

Kadyrov says:

Yesterday, the Russian command received information that the Ukrainian side is requesting the organization of a corridor for the evacuation of women, children and the elderly, located in the basements of the Azot plant in Severodonetsk, towards Lisichansk, to the territory controlled by Ukraine.
Since the bridges across the Seversky Donets River were blown up by the Ukrainian occupiers themselves to make it impossible for their units to retreat, the option of opening a direct corridor towards Lysychansk turned out to be impossible. It is likely that the Nazis who settled in the industrial zone of Severodonetsk did not even know about the lack of retreat routes, although in fact, their command deliberately cut them off from any kind of support.

In order to still give civilians the opportunity to leave the war zone, the Chechen units of the Akhmat special forces were instructed to organize a “green corridor” for passage and declare a silence regime today from 8:00 to 22:00.
But instead of releasing civilians held as a human shield from the industrial zone, the Ukrainian side broke the silence and began firing at the units involved in the organization of the “green corridor” from various types of artillery weapons. Real villainy! By the way, the shelling is still going on.

Thanks to the timely response and regrouping of units, there were no casualties among the personnel. Naturally, none of the cellars was released.

I wonder: what kind of mother raised these fascist creatures? As soon as they are captured, they declare that all the Nazi tattoos on the body are the mistakes of youth, and they have not seen weapons in their eyes and really want to call their mother or wife. But give them free rein – they will cover the “green corridor” intended for civilians with artillery.

I have no words to describe what happened. Ukrainian fascists can and should be compared with German ones, but even here you sometimes wonder: are the modern ones worse? Do they really have nothing sacred, any values, dignity, self-respect, honor? This is a rhetorical question. We know not. Such is the essence of low-spirited Bandera ideology – meanness, inhumanity, fascism.

After this incident, there should be no doubt about the necessity of carrying out the denazification and demilitarization of such Nazi scum of humanity. Even in the case of a peace agreement, after negotiations and the end of the special operation, all these armed fascists must be caught and brought to justice. And don’t worry about it. With such an abomination, Russian units will not stand on ceremony. And they will be treated accordingly. Peace in Ukraine will not come as long as at least one Bandera jackal is alive.

I want to appeal to world leaders: you supply artillery systems to destroy the civilian population of the LPR and DPR, and you know very well that the Ukrainian military does not use them to shell the military positions of Russian troops. Sooner or later you will have to admit it and on your knees apologize to the people of Donbass.


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