Ukraine: Russian Invasion Every Week; Now it is NUKES or is it NUTS?

By | September 21, 2014

Several dozen times this last 6 months Ukraine has cried out that Russia is invading . Ukraine has said upwards of 10,000 Russians have been sent home in body bags. In fact Ukraine now claims that 2000 elite troops of Russia have been killed in the last two days by Ukraine forces. This is on top of the 10,000 killed the last few months. Then to top off the ignorance of a manifested brainless Ukraine… ↓

indexUkraine now claims that Russia has hit the Luhansk airport with not one, but two tactical nukes…

Ukraine is actually even more pathetic than the U.S. and that my friend says a whole bunch for its condition, as if it is even closely related, to a resemblance of a real country. It is not a country any longer and has fallen to the scums of the west…

So now we are to believe that Russia is nuking Ukraine?

And you thought North Korea was nuts!

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