USA Citizens Will Not Be Allowed To Adopt Russian Children!

Russia’s Foreign Ministry will insist on ending the practice of adoption of orphans by U.S. citizens as long as the U.S. does not sign a treaty establishing a mutual responsibility of the parties.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, “We have made a decision, and the Foreign Ministry will be at the insist to firmly suggest that all adoptions are to be frozen that are in progress and for future to U.S.A. households. Until Russia and the U.S. enter into an interstate agreement on the conditions under which an adoption can take place and what responsibilities the family, who which take our children will be held for responsibilities.” Lavrov also said, “We have offered the Americans a long time to do this very issue, but this has been constantly going with no end in sight. This is the case of the cup overflowed. We will demand that the contract had been concluded.”

The cup that overflowed was the story of 7 year old Artem Saveliev, said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview with the author and host of “News on Saturday,” Sergei Brilev.

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