USA no baby formula?

Not so long ago, like not even in Once upon a Time, ago babies were given cow’s milk with one teaspoon of clear light Karo Syrup in it, in about 48 ounces of milk. This was enough to make six sterilized bottles a day…

Grandma’s everywhere did it and even if you have to be creative, better than starving your kid?

Never heard of a first world country and having formula shortages for their children….where are the priorities? But I see they have the availability to send Ukraine billions of dollars, what is it now? 50 billion big ones, total?

So when I see and hear about shortages in the USA? last I looked the USA considers itself a first world country? The one that bothers me the most and makes no sense is baby formula shortages….or any shortages for that matter…

If true and I am not there in the USA anymore, then I have to say that things are a hundred times worse than what I could imagine…

Besides, everyone knows that women have breasts designed for such issues and you do your thing from the birth of your child. Yes, some have issues, yet there would be no shortage if only the “issues” needed formula!


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