The USA: Pastor Phillip Miles!

Hundreds & Hundreds of new articles about Pastor Phillip Miles! Everyone jumping up & down about unfair Russian legal system. Where was everyone for the past two months? We have 10 articles about Pastor Miles and everyone acts like they just heard about it.

Wake Up America, Pastor Miles has been in jail for two months.


Today I was drinking my coffee and thinking about Pastor Phillip Miles.

In the last few days Windows to Russia has been overwhelmed with thousands of Goggle hits.

The world has woke up that Phillip Miles is in trouble, very deep trouble!

I have stayed on this story because I was hoping that people in the USA would take it seriously. I have given as much information about Phillip Miles that I could give. I have received many comments (many unprintable) I printed all that did not call me every name in the book. Many of these were from Church organizations.

I am an American living in Russia! I know very well what can happen if you mess up. I hope that you all have learned what can happen if you mess up. American Mentality does not work in the rest of the world, you must have World Mentality to survive.

I have traced many views of Windows to Russia over the past few months to the, Department of State of the USA, Washington DC, South Carolina State Gov. and many other government organizations. Sad that they did not see to it that Miles was brought home.

I watched web links appear then block my IP as they realized that I was printing information. I saw that, as people in the USA running from the fact that Pastor Miles was in trouble. I saw Churches writing articles about what happened, but never saying to do anything but, Pray to God. I saw Miles cousin on a forum website try to help. He mysteriously got quiet! That was a mistake! (Everyone should have been screaming at the top of their lungs.) I see many people say things like he deserved it. I saw a lot of sad things over this situation……….

From the beginning all information pointed to Miles going to jail, people tell me they knew what was happening from the very beginning. Then why did they have lawyers using tactics such as American Mentality & non knowledge of the laws. Those tactics might work with Suzy Q and her first time to Russia, but Miles was a seasoned Traveler. Miles traveled during Soviet Era when times were much stricter.

You all have one more chance to try to scream loud enough! He has an appeal allowed to him. Maybe now it is time to put Political pressure on. Playing the silent game & praying did not work….. Time to put the pressure on!

I was taught,”God helps those who help themselves!”

I say, be glad that you are not in his shoes.

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.

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