The Vice-Admiral Kulakov gets to go back to Protecting Russia!

Picture is of the Admiral Vinogradov also a Udaloy Destroyer – Could not find a picture of the Vice-Admiral Kulakov!

The Vice-Admiral Kulakov is an Udaloy class destroyer of the Russian Navy. The Admiral Kulakov was commissioned in 1982 and was on combat duty with the Northern Fleet until March 1991, when it retired for repairs that lasted more than 18 years. The destroyer is to rejoin the Northern Fleet in the first half of 2010. (Link)

Yes 18 years…
It seems that the Vice-Admiral was almost permanent history several times while in storage because of a lack of funding. But it seems that Lady Luck was with the old warship and they found the money to get her some new clothes! 🙂
The Vice-Admiral Kulakov has a displacement of 6,200 tons, a length of 162.99 m, a speed of 35 knots, a range of 19,400 km, and a crew of 300.
It is now armed with AK-100 artillery systems, Rastrub-B and RBU-6000 antisubmarine complexes, Kinzhal antiaircraft missile systems, and anti-submarine torpedoes. It also carries two Ka-27 Helix-series helicopters.
I have always found that destroyers (any) are my favorite warships…
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