Was asked politely to post this for a Chinese opinion column…

China has the full and undivided support of the 1.4 billion Chinese people both at home and abroad regarding the current trade war with the US!!

If President Trump does not respect China and the Chinese people, doing whatever he likes to hurt our feelings, we should likewise treat the Great President of the US as an ordinary American!! If any Chinese happen to meet him face-to-face by chance just turn our face and walk away. The Chinese people should completely ignore him. Surely, President Trump would like to be a friend of all the Chinese people and not a foe!! The choice is yours Mr President!!!!

President Xi Jinping has had written to President Trump about the current trade issues. Unfortunately the response from President Trump is “cool!!”

Let us remind the Honourable Mr Trump that the term of President of the US does not last a lifetime!! President Trump will one day be just an ordinary American walking along the street!! So if he wants the Chinese people to respect him he must earn it now!!

To the best of health of President Trump!!

Hmm…They just wanted the text posted, no links and or who sent it. I know who sent it and know that they are legit. I am seeing the Chinese getting very tired of the games, just like the Russians are…

Time to wake up people…


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