Well that was fast and appropriate, yet it hurts this and other US Citizens within Russia

Yes Russia is getting fed up and yes Russia will send tit for tat what the USA does and that is only fair…

So now the Kremlin has responded to the last illegal move the USA did against the Russian Embassy in the USA…

American embassy workers who have been stationed in Moscow for over three years have been given just weeks to leave the country, Russia’s foreign ministry has announced, amid a growing row with Washington over diplomatic visas.

Source: Russia tells US embassy staff to leave Moscow — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

I said yesterday:

The families of the US diplomats, currently working in Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation had best start dusting off their suitcases.

Stupid is as stupid does and this just makes my life harder and harder as the USA keeps belligerently pushing on the Russian consulates and Embassies in the USA…

~~Thanks a bunch~~ Jerk ass government of mine!



“I want to emphasize that this was not our choice,” Zakharova continued. “Our American partners have forced this sort of game upon us. We have been consistently trying to reason with them for a long time in order to seek a constructive resolution to the issue, but they made their choice.”

Source: Moscow slams Washington’s ‘act of expulsion’ against Russian diplomats – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS

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