Well the West is desperate. So what do you expect?

Devil’s Advocate? (Trying in Poland!)

Why yes, Poland definately played the Devil’s Advocate and right on cue, the west all sing the same song…


What is known about the alleged fall of missiles in Poland:

▪️ Polish media at 20.55 Moscow time reported that two rockets allegedly fell at the Przewoduv checkpoint in the Lublin Voivodeship on the border with Ukraine, killing 2 people

▪️ after a while, Polish firefighters reported that at 17.40 Moscow time an explosion occurred at a grain dryer in Przewoduv, they did not give any explanation of the causes of the incident

▪️ The authorities did not officially confirm the information about the fall of missiles, nor did they name whose missiles they could be, at an official briefing, representatives of the National Security Bureau and the government spoke only about “explosions” – nevertheless, speculation began in the media with the phrases “Russian missiles” and “5th article of NATO” (on collective defense)

▪️ according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian weapons did not strike targets near the Ukrainian-Polish border, the published photos of some debris are not related to Russian weapons, and the statements of the Polish media about the alleged fall of “Russian” missiles are a deliberate provocation in order to escalate the situation

▪️ military expert Leonkov told RIA Novosti that Russian cruise missiles could not get into Poland, but abnormal Ukrainian S-300 missiles could fly there – there have already been examples, including the defeat of Ukraine’s own residential buildings by anti-aircraft missiles

▪️ The President of Poland phoned Biden, discussed with the NATO Secretary General the explosions and the possibility of applying Article 4 of the NATO Charter (on the consultation mechanism), the Polish government announced an increase in the combat readiness of some military units of Poland

▪️ The Pentagon said that they intend to operate not with speculation, but with facts, for which the United States has sufficient opportunities to find out – and that until the facts are received, they will not talk about the possible applicability of Article 5 of the NATO Charter

▪️ The White House said it is working with the Polish government to collect more information and cannot yet confirm reports of missiles or any details

▪️ It is important for the United States to determine whether the fall of missiles in Poland was an accident or a deliberate act, the State Department said and assured that Washington is not looking for an escalation

▪️ NATO, in coordination with Poland, is studying reports of the incident, a representative of the alliance told RIA Novosti, Macron plans to discuss reports of missiles in Poland in the G20 fields in the morning, Germany and Britain also said that they are in contact with allies and are studying incoming reports.


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