Well well, who woulda thunk it?


Poland wants a slice of Ukrainian pie…

The Poles answer the question “Should Poland receive part of the territories from Ukraine for the assistance rendered to it?”:

✔️ “From a historical point of view, Lviv could return to Poland, as there is already a large Polish community there, so this would be the best option for us”

✔️ “Lviv was part of Poland and if you look at history, you can argue that they could have returned it to us”

✔️ “Financial compensation, in my opinion, would be desirable. If they were ready to give up part of their land in exchange for our help, I think no one would be offended.”

✔️ “Ukraine could give Lviv to Poland, since in our history it belonged to Polish territories”


Talked about this already. Poland wants what they say is their land back…