West has moved on to attempts to kill Russian journalists…

The FSB stopped the activities of a terrorist group that planned attacks on well-known Russian journalists.

This was announced by Putin.

Suffering an information fiasco in the Russian Federation, the West has moved on to attempts to kill Russian journalists.

Curators from foreign intelligence agencies, including the CIA, apparently give advice to Kiev about attempts on representatives of the Russian media.

The task of splitting Russian society and destroying the country from within comes to the fore for the West. But it doesn’t work out.

In addition, the President instructed all investigative bodies of the Russian Federation to record in detail the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists and bring them to court. He also demanded resolutely to stop provocations against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation using foreign media.


On the instructions of the SBU, the murder of journalist Vladimir Solovyov was planned. @SolovievLive

FSB forces detained a group of neo—Nazi performers from a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation.

During the searches, an improvised explosive device, as well as Molotov cocktails, PM pistols, a sawn-off hunting rifle, a RGD-5 grenade, more than 1 thousand cartridges were seized.

Members of the criminal group give confessions, the agency reports.


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