Western China-Europe transit highway…

“Western Europe-Western China” highway is of great importance not only for Kazakhstan, but in the global scale as well”, First Deputy Governor of Zhambyl oblast Karim Kokrekbayev has said in an interview to a Kazinform correspondent.

As is known, within this project Kazakhstan plans to build and reconstruct about 2, 500 km of roads. The corridor’s length makes up 8,445 km, 2,787 out of which run through the Kazakhstan’s territory. And how much kilometers are passing through Zhambyl oblast?

The highway will pass seven districts of Zhambyl oblast. They are Zhualy, Zhambyl, Baizak, Turar Ryskulov, Merken, Shu, Kordai. The corridor’s axle will be on the current Almaty-Tashkent-Termez road diverging the territory of Kyrgyzstan and will be of 495,3 km length. The Islamic Development Bank and Asian Development Bank are financing the construction.

The project provides for bypass of all big and medium settlements. Residential estates, fuel filling stations, and other constructions located at the right-of-way will be pulled down, and the owners will be paid compensation of real estate value. About 1,183 ha out of about 1,911 ha of the land allocated for permanent use for the road construction were compensated, bought out and got from the national land fund.


Also –

Part of the Western China-Western Europe transport corridor will run across Bashkortostan, Russian Transportation Minister Igor Levitin said.

“Bashkortostan has proposed that this section of the road run through the territory of the republic and we have agreed to this proposal. Our estimations show that this route will be optimal in terms of recouping investments made in the road,” he said.

The toll highway will run from Bashkortostan’s border with Tatarstan to its border with the Orenburg Region.

“The republic will be in charge of such issues as the design of the road, allocation of land and provision of favorable terms for the construction,” Bashkortostan President Rustem Khamitov said, pledging support for the project.

As reported earlier, the total cost of building about 2,200 kilometers of the highway in Russia will be about RUB 700bn (approx. USD 22.59bn).

The participants of the international project include the EU, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China.

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