Western countries launch attack on Libya…

The US, Britain and France have attacked Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in what they say is an attempt to enforce a UN-endorsed no-fly zone. On Saturday night, at least 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired by the US and UK amid air strikes by French planes that were followed by the US bombing of a major Libyan airfield on Sunday. At least three US B-2 bombers took part in the Sunday attack, Libya’s state TV reported, adding that 48 people have already been killed and 150 more injured in the West’s military action against Libya, including the capital, Tripoli. Meanwhile, a naval blockade against this North African country is being put in place, with more than twenty warships and submarines taking part in the process. (Yevgeny Kryshkin:)

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Source: Voice of Russia.