Western Damage Control: OMG…

By | September 3, 2014

A representative of the American Foreign Ministry Jen Psaki said that the United States Department of State had no independent evidence that the Russian troops crossed the border of Ukraine… Hmm…

Then why did Obama just say?

Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine are not a humanitarian or peacekeeping mission,”  he said. According to him, “these are the facts that can be proved,” and “they cannot be questioned.”

This has gotten interesting; Damage Control in full swing and we all have to wait to see which way the damage control will lead. It can get a whole lot better or it can get a whole lot worse. There is no in-between at this point, for it all lies on who has the power in the U.S. government…

The American government is in turmoil right now and all the little Hitlers and little Napoleons are fighting for who gets a war and or not a war. A real issue is that we do not have a commander-in-chief, he is just another little armchair warrior…

Another beheading… (Just in time to sway the masses!)

ISIS terrorist elite… (They bad dudes!)

MH17 report coming out… (Crickets have been chirping!)

Ukraine trying for peace… (OMG says the U.S.)

US wants to bomb Syria… (Ra ra!)

US bombing Iraq… Again and again and again… (We have a fetish for Iraq!)

Elections in America coming up… (OMG says the democrats!)

How long can they cover up Obama care? (Just print and print and print those dollars!)

Debt anyone? (Just print and print and print those dollars!)

Add a thousand other items and you have America and her international and internal fiscal of a failed policy…

But then, it is all Putin’s fault! Right?

I only hope that the U.S. goes boom, with out the rest of the world…

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