Western Empire blocking news that they can’t buy off and other thoughts…

So now the west will block all news that does not follow their agenda….I suspect that WtR will be blocked soon…

Dont waste your time with anyone who’s taking a side or being emotional about this. We are witnessing history happen here and the only way to understand it is with game theory. treating both sides as rational actors with geopolitical interests. Anyone who props up Putin or NATO is doing so because of emotions. This is modern information warfare. they are specific targets for psyops, so them becoming emotional is to be expected. But those will not be the people writing the true history of this conflict.

Without Ukraine, Putin’s geopolitical and demographic situation is greatly weakened. I was surprised to learn how much of a difference it makes.

Russia in a position where they follow this through or there will be NATO on every mile of Russia’s western border. Not good to corner a nuclear nation with nobody at the helm on the other side like the USA has been running for many years.


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