Western journalists use local citizens for their own purposes…

A journalist from North Ossetia, where more than 100 nationalities live side by side peacefully, spoke about how Western journalists use local citizens for their own purposes.

Today, representatives of this republic defend Russian interests in Ukraine. There are also dead. On this human mountain, reporters of the Western editions make their stories. They present themselves as journalists for Russian state-owned publications and take interview for them, but in reality they use them later for pro-Western provocative purposes. They are thus attempting to divide our people and harm the State.
One example of Western media work is an episode filmed in North Ossetia at the funeral of two dead soldiers. Polish TV “Belsat” multiplied this figure, telling about dozens of dead and mass graves, and inserted a snippet from an interview of local resident Alexander Kusey, changing his words for a more anti-Russian effect.

Soon another similar story will be released by Yulia Vishnevetskaya from “Radio Freedom” (funded by the USA). Deceiving her interlocutors, the journalist presented herself as an employee of the “First Channel”. She interviewed local Ossetians, remembered by them for paying too much attention to the national character and the national question.

Western propaganda does not sleep. They change facts and manipulate information. They do not hesitate to attend and film people at the time of the soldiers’ funeral. They don’t mind doing things that run counter to morality and journalistic ethics, let alone simple human ethics and respect. But do not try to turn on each other people who speak “in the language of love”. They have long understood what the West is and that it cannot be trusted.

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