Western press Once Again Judges Russia Different!

Windows to Russia!
I read 3 (three) articles today from main Western press sources. Multiples of forum articles and multiple of blog articles. The main consensus of the articles stated that it is obvious who is in charge in Russia. Putin is the one going to the World Economic Forum (Davos) and that means Putin Runs Russia!

But: The U.S. is only sending a top Obama advisor (Who is it?) and confidant Valerie Jarrett. Unless I am confused, that means Obama does not run the USA! By using Western press standards for Russia – a top Obama advisor (Who is it?) and confidant Valerie Jarrett run the USA.

This is an everyday example of the Western press twisting the information to make Russia something she is not.

So Valerie Jarrett: I guess you run America…

Kyle & Svet

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Medvedev went in 2007 but I guess we have a short memory and no one said: “I guess we know who is running Russia, Medvedev went to Davos!”