What Costs a Million Rubles in Russia?

What is underground, just big enough to hold an object the size of a car and cost (one) 1 million Rubles? (about $34,500 in American dollars!)

If you answered an “underground parking spot” you got it correct!

The photo that you see is the entrance to a underground parking garage at our new flat. There is 96 spots under the ground and they are just hardly big enough to hold a medium size car.

76 out of the 96 have been sold and you better hurry, because they are going fast…

(Now if we can just find room for the other 11,235 cars parked on top of these 96 under the ground.)

Do you see the building in the background? That is where we live. Believe it or not there are exactly 57 parking spaces available for those flats. At night there maybe 250 – 300 cars parked in those 57 spots and we are at best half full of tenants. Cars are parked all over the place. On sidewalks, in the grass and worse in the playground for kids. Every week it is getting worse. As of this post I have our car parked over a block away and I feel lucky that we got it that close.

So if you leave to go somewhere it had better be worth it because you will loose your parking place.

Now you know why people will pay a million Rubles for a tiny spot to park, underground!

Gotta love Russia – Build huge buildings full of flats and forget to allocate parking. (These are new buildings, not old and built during the Soviet era before they had very many cars.)

That is what makes it fun!

Windows to Russia!
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