What Is Happening In Russia? Sep. 15th, 2008!


Lets start with an airline tragedy:

A Boeing 737-500 belonging to an affiliate of Aeroflot, a company called “Aeroflot-Nord”, crashed in Russia. It was evident by witnesses that the pilots were trying to steer the falling aircraft away from dwellings on the ground, so they chose to try a crash-landing on the railroad tracks, with their safety zone 200 meters wide on both sides. Thanks to that maneuver, no life was lost on the ground. The crash is attributed to an engine failure.

Then in Moscow more senseless loss of life:

Four people including a schoolboy and an elderly woman were injured in a bomb blast in a market in northern Moscow, believed to be part of a turf war between retailers, a police source said on Monday.

Then Russia has woke up and realized that the West is not a Future:

A change in Russia’s foreign policy is imminent. It’s a pity, that our calls and requests which included in a most pleasant and considerate way into our Foreign Policy Concept, went totally unheard and unheeded by many of our “partners” (the West), so our declarations of partnership or even alliances produced no effect. It means, that it’s time to seriously reconsider our foreign policy priorities and look else ware for future partners…..

Which leads us to: China!

China is very much interested in the events in the Caucasus. The recent visit by a delegation of officials of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist party showed that China is watching the energy scene with utmost attention. In the case of a long-term conflict between Russia and the West, China could not only count on acquiring a system of pipelines for direct gas and oil supply from Russia but it could also be sure of securing for itself a much bigger share in Central Asian oil and gas than it can afford at the moment. (Say Goodbye Europe to Russian Gas! )

Now lets talk about Abkhazia:

Russian peacekeepers who have already abandoned their positions in Georgia proper and did it two days ahead of the schedule agreed upon in Moscow by Presidents Nicholas Sarkozy and Dmitry Medvedev. Have reported that Georgia plans to deploy its special forces in the areas previously held by Russian peacekeepers inside the “security zones”, i.e. much closer to the borders of South Ossetia and Abkhazia than Russia is prepared to tolerate. This step, showing that the Georgian president is not ready “to let it go” at all, may well become the trigger of another armed conflict at the border between Georgia and Abkhazia. Russia also plans to open an embassy in Georgia’s breakaway republic of Abkhazia by the end of the year, a senior Foreign Ministry official said on Monday.

A little more about Georgia:

“The Georgian leadership tries to hide the real scale of military losses. Our data gathered from various sources indicates that Georgia lost up to 3,000 servicemen and police in attack on South Ossetia,” said a source, also claiming that Georgia’s Western allies have been aware of the numbers of Georgian casualties.

That is what is happening in Russia…

Kyle & Svet

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