What is Russia Up To? March 24th, 2009!

Windows to Russia!
It is a cold, cold week in Moscow, Russia. It got to -7 C. last night and going to -14 C. this weekend coming up. It has snowed almost everyday this month and looks like it will continue through until the end of the month.

So what is Russia doing this cold week?

Looks like Moscow wants to be foreigner friendly:

The Moscow city government published on Tuesday its concept for making the Russian capital a foreigner-friendly city. “The task of the Moscow city government is creating a friendly environment for foreign nationals, including foreign specialists working in Moscow’s financial center,” the document said. Under the plan, by the end of 2010 street names and road signs in Russian will be translated into English and self-service information terminals will be available in the Moscow metro.

I thought that they were pretty friendly now but seems that I am wrong. Speaking of foreign, lets look at foreign currency:

The official dollar rate set by the Russian Central Bank for March 25 is 33.2726 rubles, down 3.08 kopeks from Tuesday, the Central Bank said. The official euro rate for Wednesday is 45.2674 rubles, down 36.49 kopeks from Tuesday.

The dollar keeps sliding and has been for over a week. I see a trend here. Now lets take a look at the Black Sea Fleet:

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet must have 8-10 submarines in active service and the Navy plans to commission new Lada class vessels to meet the requirement, a senior Navy official said on Tuesday.

Run Silent Run Deep! Talking about security, lets talk about Medvedev:

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will hold a meeting with the national Security Council on Tuesday to approve a national security strategy up to 2020.

Medvedev is serious about national security and will not stop until Russia and Europe have a new Security program in effect. While Medvedev is working on Security issues, Putin is pissed about the Ukraine – EU gas pipe repair deal.

Russia will start reviewing its relations with the European Union should Moscow’s interests be ignored in the gas deal, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Monday.

I guess that they forgot the most important part. The country that fills the pipeline. Ukraine sure can not fill the pipeline. Oops said Putin!

Now lets jaunt on over to a touchy issue in Russia:

Ten years ago, on March 24 NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia began. Achieving NATO’s main objective – withdrawal of Serb troops from Kosovo – took months, the tragic side-effect – alienation of Russia – happened immediately.

Another Oops and fatal blow to Russian progress toward the Western Democracy! (This was a smart U-Turn Russia!)

Seems all is normal here in Russia and as always they are involved in something that stirs controversy in America. It took years for the American public to see the Monument, but when they did they really appreciate it. I have had thousands and thousands of hits on my article and I know the other sites have also seen huge hits on their sites.

From Russia: A Memorial to the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks! (Struggle Against World Terrorism)

It only took America three years to find out about this. But when they did the attitudes were great.

Russia with Putin commemorated this monument in America and you know what? Bush was too busy to go and see. But he did send Bill Clinton… 🙁

You will not find a mainstream media that has posted this. But you will find the real news source “Bloggers” have made sure that it has been printed. Late – but still in print…

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