What is Russia Up To This January 12th, 2009?


Russia is up to her normal self as usual and this week seems to be a heavy in the military news week:

It seems that Russia sold a lot of military weapons in 2008. “Export of Russian arms reached a post-Soviet era record in 2008, says President Dmitry Medvedev.”

Well while Russia is supplying the world with weapons we will stay with the military theme for now: “The mother whose son, a Russian soldier, reportedly deserted to live in Georgia says he is being kept in that country against his will. She has been in South Ossetia, where he served, for three days but has yet to meet her son.” It seems that this mother of this man has tried to see him and every time arrangements are made Georgia will not let him see her.I found out that he also only had a few months to serve and he was out of the service.

Lets forget the military for a moment and focus on Ukraine: “On Wednesday Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko officially sent a request to EU experts to analyze the controversial gas contracts between Naftogaz and Gazprom signed on January 19.” It seems that Ukraine is in a major government battle between the President & Prime minister.

I say that the President of Ukraine is a Cry Baby and he should have come to Moscow, Russia himself and made the deal. Since he seems to be the man with all the answers.

So while Ukraine is destroying itself, lets wander back to South Ossetia and back to the military side of life: “15 Ossetians have been seized by Georgia after Russian peace keepers left the buffer zone following a four-day war last August, South Ossetian interior ministry claims. Georgia has not yet replied to the allegations.”

Not cool and Georgia needs to give them back. Next lets jump to President Medvedev who has a video blog: “Since January 12, when posting comments at the Russian President’s official video blog was authorized, the number of registered visitors has exceeded 10,000 people.” I have signed up and use his blog for lots of good information. By the way this was one of those sites in Ukraine that I was not able to get because of censorship…

While Medvedev has a growing blog so is Medvedev’s Military: “Russia is expanding production of precision guided weapons, including Iskander tactical missiles, a deputy defense minister said in an interview published on Wednesday.
“Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) in service with the Russian Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) could be launched within a minute if Russia’s security is threatened, the SMF commander has said.”

and “Russia is ready to mend relations with NATO, the Russian foreign minister said Wednesday, linking any improvement in ties to a return to the founding principles of the NATO-Russia Council.”

and That is all for now. As you can see Russia is always up to something…

Kyle & Svet

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