What Was I Going To Write About Today In Russia?

Windows to Russia!
I was drinking my morning cup of coffee here in Moscow, Russia. I was thinking about what I am going to write about today…

I was looking at an article about Britney Spears:

Britney Spears circus to hit Moscow, St. Petersburg in July:
U.S. pop star Britney Spears will perform in July for the first time in Russia at venues in Moscow and St. Petersburg as part of her Circus 2009 world tour, her official website said.

But I really do not care about her singing and whatnot’s. So I decided to trash can that article even though she is one of the top-selling artists of the last decade, and to date she has sold in excess of 62 million albums worldwide! (I forgot to buy any albums of hers though)

Lets see what else I was reading – I was reading about Russia still keeping Ukraine limping along in the Global Financial Crises. Will Ukraine remember when it is all over?

Gazprom may pre-pay Ukraine for gas transit:
Russia could pay Ukraine in advance for the transit of Russian gas to enable Ukraine’s Naftogaz to pay for Russian gas supplies, a source in the Russian delegation said Wednesday. (and)

Ukraine needs to buy 20 bln cu m of gas to keep up supplies to EU:
Ukraine needs to purchase at least 19.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas to maintain gas transit gas to Europe, a Russian deputy prime minister said on Thursday. Russia prepared to help.

But, I do not think that I will write about that wonderful see – saw relationship that Russia and Ukraine has – at this given moment. So lets look at…

Dollar down 27.51 kopeks, euro up 15.50 kopeks – Central Bank:
The official dollar rate set by the Russian Central Bank for May 1 is 32.9740 rubles, down 27.51 kopeks from Friday, the Central Bank said.

Yuck – That was boring and nothing new there so lets not talk about that. Lets take a peek at what Medvedev is up to…

Medvedev says NATO exercises in Georgia ‘open provocation’:
NATO’s plans to hold military exercises in Georgia on May 6-June 1 are an “open provocation,” Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday, warning of negative consequences.

Oops, NATO seems to be working Russia up in a tissy. That is not smart, Russia has enough going on with out NATO playing games in Georgia. Seems to me that Georgia is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode if the correct combination of factors comes together at the correct moment. But no we won’t talk about that today. Maybe this is what we want to talk about…

Moldova withdraws from NATO-led drills in Georgia:
Moldova has canceled plans to participate in NATO-led military exercises in Georgia in May, the Moldpres state news agency reported on Wednesday.

Now that was a smart move by Moldova, but it is the same as the article above…

Lets take a look at the Victory Day Parade…

Rehearsal for the Victory Day Parade in Moscow:
The first rehearsal for the military equipment parade was held tonight. The May 9 Victory Day Parade on Moscow’s Red Square will involve nearly 9,000 officers and soldiers, followed by military equipment and airplanes.

This is big stuff in Moscow and I always look forward to the excitment involved with Victory day. I will not talk about it today because I will do another article in a few days on this parade. Lets try something else…

“Obama is unlikely to fulfill his promises”:
President Barack Obama’s rhetoric is pretty good, but his economics are lousy, says Republican Congressman Ron Paul, who shared his views about Obama’s 100 days in office with RT.

I have seen 10,000 articles about Obamas first 100 days and I would have to say that in America it is a split 50/50 whether he has done any good. Svet and I like Ron Paul and listen to what he says in earnest. Now in other parts of the world it is much more bleak picture of Obama. His tour of the world was considered an apology tour and really not much else…

So after looking at several more articles…

Abkhazia-Georgia border continues to be flashpoint of violence:

Priest murders his wife and child:

White House freaks out NYC with low-riding Air Force One, denies Obama on board:

I gave up I just will not write about any of them and have decided to go clean the house. 🙂

Have a fantastic day and tomorrow we start a new month. (6th month already)

Windows to Russia!
Kyle and Svet

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