Where are the wise leaders?

I am thinking…

Is polluted air, water, and soil, causing a loss of brain function to some populations? Drugs, immorality and greed? There appears to be a pack of mad dogs straining to attack anyone and everyone for any reason or no reason. If it were only the US that is led by lunatics, the rest of the world could easily constrain the senseless carnage. Obviously those in power in Israel, Saudi Arabia and a few other rogue leaders around Europe/Western Empire are just as deranged. Vapidly and as normal in life, in the extreme…

What the hell do these leaders and governments do when they get up, have coffee/breakfast and decide who to extirpate as if it was a mundane legit job to do everyday? (Monday through Friday and weekends if they work overtime!)

Where are the wise leaders? (&) Where are the people that care?

History repeats itself. So you might wanna pay attention. – Quavo