While the West screams and sanctions? The East moves farther away and forward…

The North—South transport corridor is becoming increasingly important.

In the conditions of Western sanctions, a new logistics is being formed, the foreign trade of the EAEU countries is being reoriented.

The countries of the Caspian region are significantly increasing investments in the development of the corridor’s transport infrastructure.

According to EDB analysts, more than 100 projects are planned to be implemented by 2030.

The North—South corridor provides the shortest distances for cargo transportation between the EAEU countries and South Asia, East Africa and the Middle East.

It also provides an opportunity to choose one of three logistics routes for the delivery of containers, grain, metals, woodworking products, food and other goods.

All three routes — Western (via Azerbaijan), Eastern (via Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan) and Trans-Caspian (via seaports in the Caspian Sea) — have reserves of capacity.

Infographics: Eurasian Development Bank.



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