Who cares about the Syrian people?

When force seems to be the only solution to ending the unrest in Syria, according to the West the only concern for all parties is who will take control of the country.

Who cares about the Syrian people?

No voices can be heard from the outside world expressing concern for them. The gunpowder smoke shields their faces, the explosions muffle their cries.

Data from the UN indicates the overall number of refugees in Syria now is about 100,000. The real number may be much higher.

The crisis in Syria has opened a Pandora’s Box and triggered a series of chaos and changes, most of them unexpected by the starters of the crisis. Similar changes also occurred in Iraq and Libya.

Some media and agencies are conducting cost-benefit analyses of these changes. They found that the quality of life for the average person has not improved, and the so-called freedoms are hard to evaluate.

Most of the costs for “freedom” have been selectively ignored by the Western media, and thus does not exist to the outside world to some extent. The bloody massacres in Syria over the past five months have been used as excuses by some to take new actions.

All nations have the freedom to choose the their own model, according to their practical conditions, to make their people happy. This process is an inalienable part of an independent country’s sovereignty. Any interference with this process from the outside world without an invitation from the nation should be regarded as an invasion.

Translated by Paul Wen from the Peoples Daily

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