Windows To Russia: Bear Loves All Countries!


I was having my morning cup of coffee. I got thinking about the new program I got that tells me what counties visit me. It is not fool proof, because I get a listing called others. So that means that I am not getting all countries. If I have left out your country and you have been to Windows to Russia, then leave me a comment and I will add your country.

Russian Federation, United States of America, Australia, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Germany, Romania, Philippines, Turkey, New Zealand, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Israel, Italy, Bulgaria, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, South Africa, Vietnam, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Norway, Finland, Kuwait, Brazil, Slovak Republic, Singapore, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Poland, Northern Mariana Islands, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Korea, Iran, Switzerland, Barbados, Croatia/Hrvatska, Greece, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Cyprus.
(48 Counties and 3704 separate sites)

This is only what I have after about a week and a half of stats. I hope the lists grows to all countries in the World.

I will keep adding the new additions as they come in:
New Additions: Denmark, Egypt, Oman, Latvia, Panama, Jordan, Palestinian Territories, :)))
(55 Countries and climbing)

This is really neat, I care about who visits and when I see a new county show up, I look up the country in a encyclopedia and see what they are all about.

I want everyone to know that I appreciate all visitors and wish you to come back to keep updated.


comments welcome as always.