Windows to Russia Finally Settled Into Her New Home…

It looks like things have settled down on Windows to Russia. I was hosted on Go Daddy and that was a nightmare in itself. Coupled with virus attacks coming from the server side on Go Daddy and the South Korean “Lets a kill “Windows to Russia” attack, I wondered if it was all worth it…

We lost around 200 posts on Windows to Russia out of over 2000 posts. But I saved the brunt of them and we are now back around 1851 posts as of this writing. So also in the last few months I lost 500 posts off of my Coffee Talk Blog due to Blogger and 200 posts out of 800, off of my Russian News Blog, plus another 50 posts off of all the others. I lost more posts in a few months than most people ever write in their whole blogging career… 🙂

I want to thank Andy at Siberian Light for the heads up on a host and I want him to know that he was very much appreciated in dropping an e-mail to tell me about a good host. Which by the way, Siberian Light is a great read if you get the time.

So I hope that everyone is having a good week and it seems that this week, “Windows to Russia” has finally settled down.

“Knock on Wood” as they say…

Windows to Russia!

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