Windows to Russia is on!

Svet and I have spent a couple of rough hours trying to switch Windows to Russia to her new domain. We finally got the domains switched and for the next few days we will try to get all the issues of the switch corrected. I have redirected the feed and it works like a champ.

Do not fear your bookmark link to still works. I had to do a special redirect because of issues that come up with Blogger Blogspot. But we got everything redirected and working.

Windows to Russia has lost page rank and alexa stats for now and will take some time to come back. That is OK because the long term is better now for the site.

I have an issue that has to do with comments and I have Disqus helping me get that taken care of. So be patient and all will come together in the end…

So if anyone sees any problems that I Svet or I have missed please let us know.

Kyle and Svet
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.