Windows to Russia: Pictures of Kiev, Ukraine – 4-22-2009!

Windows to Russia!
These are some quick pictures from our latest trip to Ukraine. By far not all but just some to let you know what we did and saw. I am going to have several posts about things we did with pictures. But for now lets look at some recent photos of the visa run to Ukraine.

This is an old Soviet era train engine that has been made into a monument.
A monastery that we visited.
Part of the same Monastery. Their garden!
The hotel that we always stay in. (The Hotel Slavutich)
My sweetie taking pictures of all the beautiful sights. Everything in bloom!

Ukraine is beautiful right now. The trees are all leafing out and flowers blooming everywhere. They say that the Chestnuts trees bloom by May 1st and from what we saw they are almost in bloom now. Moscow, Russia is no where near as far along in the season of spring.

Have a nice day and more to be posted over the next few days.

Windows to Russia!
Kyle and Svet

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