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I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and thinking back to the start of Windows to Russia! It was brought on by the fact that I have well exceeded 1600 posts and really did not realize that we had.

The road has been long and not always very fun…

When I first started this blog I had a very strong group against us that was anti Russian and Anti Windows to Russia! I was attacked by multiples of Russian hate blogs, forums and sites and that has never ended but almost has stopped. What has definitely ended is that they all realize that Svetlana and I are not going away.

So many Russian blogs and Russian websites looked down their noses at us and we ignored them and kept going. Now we sit and watch these Russian blogs and Russian websites disappear one by one or slow their posting to a trickle.

We believe in what we are doing and will always strive to do better. Windows to Russia is a constant evolving process that never stops and never rests. If you read this you will be one of thousands that do. That is what we am proud of and hope one day that you will be one of ten thousands reading every day!

It was even important enough to us to set the blogs back a year by changing domains. In fact the move was much more successful than we could have imagined and in less than a month we have started back on the road to new territory.

The domain is easy now – just remember

Were else can you go and find such a conglomeration of blogs with Russian facts, news, photos, videos and everyday life in Russia under one roof? (so to speak)

I mean one thing that I have said many times: “My goal is to change one persons attitude at a time, about Russia!”

I have the rest of my life here to do that. 🙂

Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

PS: I want to thank all of our readers and hope that you spread the word and get new people wondering – What is going on in Russia?